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Below are some of the most common asked questions and answers. Still got a question please use email us and we will be happy to help

  • How does the photobooth work?
    Our photobooth is fully manned for the duration of the hire by our fully trained attendants. All your guests have to do it strike a pose and smile. Your booth with be manned by one attendant but a second attendant may be required for the platinum package, flower wall, long duration's, corporate and high guest count events. The 2nd attendant to help maintain a smooth operation and help manage your guests any guest book. The attendant will explain how the booth works at the beginning of each visit, adjusting people to optimise the image and help with props and poses. They will control the booth via the touch screen and distribution the photos to your guests. There is no need for anyone to touch the photobooth. Once the attendant starts the session a live view is displayed along with a 5 second countdown before each consecutive picture is taken. On the one count ensure your looking at the camera which is positioned within the LED light ring. As standard each visit consists of three shots spaced approximately 15 seconds apart which gives guests a quick, fun and frantic turnaround. Once the shots have been taken the photos are printed by the attendant and the QR code and email options are populated and presented on the screen ready for download. Full instructions are given by the attendant.
  • How many prints do I get?
    As standard one additional print is printed per visit. With unlimited print packages, additional prints are printed on request. The attendant will ask guest if additional prints are required and print accordingly to save wasted paper and ink. The print is touch dry and takes under 10 seconds. Prints are handed to the guests and there is no need to remove from the machine. If your package includes a guest book the attendant will personality place and additional image into the book and encourage people to leave a message.
  • How big are the prints?
    As standard we print in a 4x6 ratio but we can offer the traditional 2x6 strips. As standard you will receive two strips instead of the one 4x6. If a guest book is part of the package one of these goes into the book.
  • How much space is required?
    The booth when set up covers an area of 3 by 3 meters with a required set up area of 4 by 4 meters. The required height for the backdrop is 2.4 meters (8ft)
  • Where is best to position the booth?
    You want your guests to use the booth and so do we so having it in the main room in plain site to the guests is always preferred if space allows. We have flexible printing positions either side of the booth so any corner is possible. The booth can get extremely busy and people gather around the booth to watch people so we request that we are not directly next to the bar, dance floor or venue exit and entry points. Also consider that we may be setting up or taken down the booth while the party is still going so a clear access route back to the loading area may be required. We don’t want to be carrying bags through a dance floor and nor do you and your guests. We will also require a mains socket within 3 meters from the booth.
  • What do I need the venue to do?
    Please advise the venue that you are hiring a photobooth and discuss and agree the location (see Where is best to position the booth) If possible, a small table for the guest book and a small table for drinks. We do not allow drinks within the photobooth.
  • How long does it take to set up and take down?
    The photobooth takes around 1.5 hours to set up although our attendants will arrive up to 2 hours before so we are ready and waiting to start on time. It takes around 1-1.5 hours to break down. Times are dependent on the location within the venue and furthermore the access to the venue. If you require an early setup then please contact us to discuss. A small charge for idle time may be applied.
  • How many people can you get in the booth?
    We recommend no more than 6 people in at any one time for best results and picture quality. Whilst it is possible to get up to 12 people into the booth, not every face may be seen. The attendant will assist in helping to arrange people.
  • Do we get a digital copy of the photos?
    Our Silver and Gold packages you will be provided with a link via email following the event to download your images. The Platinum package you are presented with a USB stick at the end of the hire contacting them. The Bronze package excludes this option.
  • Is delivery and setup included in the price?
    We offer a free delivery and setup service within 45 min travel time from CM3 8AB on all photo booth bookings. This time is based on the event date and required arrive time using Google Maps. Additional travel time and expenses is £15.00 per extra 30min
  • How much is the deposit and when do I pay the final balance?
    We do request a securing deposit of £100.00 per booking. Your event is not confirmed until we have received this. Transfer payment details will be sent with your booking confirmation. Unfortunately, we are unable to take any card payments. We request that the final balance is paid at least 4 weeks prior to your event date.
  • Our venue has requested a public liability and PAT test certificate?
    Not a problem! If the venue has requested a copy of our public liability and electrical PAT certification then either just let us know and we can forward the documentation directly to the venue on your behalf, or simply download our certifications yourself using the links below
  • How many photobooth visits can I do?
    We offer unlimited photobooth sessions on all our packages.
  • Can I have Black & White Prints?
    As standard our packages include colour prints, although we are able to activate a black and white filter at no extra cost. This filter can be applied to all images or let your guests decide once the session has ended. Note: once the filter has been applied it cannot be changed back. If you have a guest book then you will have a mixture of colour and black and white images. This will need to be agreed prior to your event. We also can provide single black and white prints for an additional +£20.00. This is due to the extra number of visits and prints done per event opposed to the three shots per visit. We recommend our white backdrop for black & white images.
  • How do I choose by photobooth print, backdrop, screen and guest book options?
    Once your booking is confirmed you will receive a booking confirmation email. Within the email will be your portal link and your unique username and password. Click the link, enter your details and you will be presented with your event home page. Here you can check all the event details and select your photobooth options. Your start screen and print template will be emailed to you for approval, so please look out for this. We only have one of each backdrop and is on a first come, first served basis. You will be notified if your backdrop is unavailable. Should you wish to design your own template or start screen or have it include a personalised logo or theme please contact us and we will advise on the required formats and sizes.
  • Who will be my attendant?
    Before we confirm your booking, your attendant has agreed to cover your event. Due to unforeseen circumstances this may change between your booking and event date. But don’t fear we only use loyal, trained and trusted staff and don’t outsource our attendants. Meet our team at If you would like to know your attendant please contact us.
  • Do you supply the props?
    Yes! We pride ourselves on our prop selection, uniqueness and range of props. hats, glasses, signs. wigs, hand held props and many more. Please note that some of our props may not be suitable for children.
  • What package is best for me?
    For children’s party’s we recommend the bronze or silver package. For adult party’s we recommend the silver or gold package. If you’re planning a big birthday like 18th,21st,30th,40th,50th etc then the gold package with guest book is always a favorite. For weddings our most popular package is the gold package but if it’s the wow factor your looking for then the platinum with the flower wall is a must. But don’t forget all our packages can be customised!
  • Can I customise a package?
    Yes of course. All our packages can be customised to suit your event requirements. Additional hours on any package +£50.00 Use your own backdrop -£30.00 USB stick (Bronze-Gold Package) +£25.00 Keys Rings +£50.00 Flower wall upgrade (Bronze-Gold Package) +£100.00 includes additional attendant Guest Book with prints (Bronze & Silver Package) +£40.00 Personalised Guest Book with prints (Bronze & Silver Package) +£55.00 Personalised Guest Book with prints (Gold Package) +£15.00 Personalised prints (Bronze Package) +£20.00 Personalised screen (Bronze Package) +£25.00 Extra attendant (Bronze-Gold Package) +£75.00
  • How do I book?
    Just contact us using the online or for a quick response just give us a call, text message of WhatsApp.
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